my god... two and a half years.
i can remember it clearly when i went to for oots and wondered about that new link at the comics section.
i took a look and saw a bunch of giant elvises and crazy figures telling a ridiculous story about some crackpot world about wich i didn't know anything, except that it was friggin' cool.

i didn't even realize that two and a half years of my life had passed, two and a half years in wich that comic played a small role in my daily life.

well. i'm looking forward to another two and a half years.

cheers rob and jamie and cheers to the giant, allowing them to use his page and thus showing them to me from day one.
i'm one of thus half-lurkers who commentet maybe three comics in the last years, but watched and enjoyed every single one of them.
(mostly keeping my distance to the forums and it's critics. )

thank you.