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    Default Re: "****... You!!" (Speculations and Spoilers and Stuff)

    Nah. You see, my theory is (not really) that Rob and Jamie love having lots of swearing in their comic but because they were being hosted on a website that was very anti-cussing, therefore they have been unable to enjoy doing this. However, now that they got their own website they can swear all they want. To celebrate, they made a big, swear word, splash page. Hurray! :)

    Looking at the number of times Parson has said boop in the past, the level of cuss words is about to go way, way up.

    Seriously though, I really want to know this. Parson has been cast as a person that uses a fair amount of profanity. Was this f-bomb a one time thing or is he now able to swear all he wants and what does that mean for marketing the future installments of the comic? Is that going to be a story line? Will other people be able to swear if they hear parson do it? Will it hurt other people to hear parson swear? Is it like Shockomancy? I don't see how we can avoid more swearing at this point, there are too many questions arising from this break.
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