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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamin View Post
    LAME that is not a cool or funny word it is vulgar word that I don't like seeing or hearing. Erfworld needs to stop trying to be dark and edgy

    Wow...just, just wow. This comment *ACTUALLY* made me de-lurk it pissed me off so much.

    Yeah, just because *YOU* don't like seeing or hearing a certain word it can't have artistic merit, *ever*, right?, this entire planet revolves around you and your own feeble minded perceptions of it right?, honestly; grow up.

    This isn't a flame, just an honest expression of frustration at such mindless criticism and thoughtless critique directed at something so freaking epic as Erfworld.

    Rich put it the best how symbolic that swear was, in fact, he put it so well I'm not even going to state it myself since I'd just be restating. Nevertheless this comic has been entertaining and enthralling from the beginning and as a writer myself I understand just how hard endings can be but *THIS* this was a good ending.The buildup was subtle but not absent, it takes you completely by surprise but when you see it you say to yourself "how did I not see this happening?!" because it fits so perfectly it seems obvious; as far as endings go this one is top notch for its beautiful simplicity. The whole book tiptoed around this issue from the beginning and then right at the end it just breaks everything and throws it all in your face like a sledgehammer to the face; brilliant, it's a sign of good writing to be able to pull that off.

    And to those who say this was a sudden twist with no foreshadowing or attention paid to it, that's inaccurate, it was all subtle but still there; in Parson's behaviors, in his reactions to situations, in some of the things he would say 'in his Klogs especially'. If more direct attention was paid to this idea and it was outright stated and beaten over the reader's head it would have taken away from just how exaggerated the concept of 'breaking' was in this final page, final two pages rather, it's awesome due to the sense of 'wait, can this even happen?...apparently!' it generates in the reader.

    Absolutely *FANTASTIC* job Rob and Jamie; it's stuff like this that inspires me to continue writing.

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