Aboard the Starship Jamin...

"Captain, enemy ship, de-lurking behind us."

"Fire the snarkazers."

"Snakrazers ineffective. Perhaps if you stopped insisting on using the "cuss words are completely devoid of any artistic merit" setting..."

"Such talk has no place on my ship, off with his head."

"Enemy vessel is now charging it's main cannon."

"Quickly, go to warp to escape the beam. Prepare the Picard Manouver!"

"We can't sir."

"What? Why not?"

"You just had the navigator killed."

Aw poop."

"We've taken a direct hit. Damage is critical. We're going down Captain. We should have enough time to get to the escape pod before we sink though."

"Going down? We're in space, we literally cannot sink."

"So sorry Capt'n, would you rather I say that the blast hit the an engine and we are about to explode, killing everyone before we have a chance to escape?"

"Um, no. I like the first option better. Let us hurry to the escape hatch.

You won this round Starship Manoftyr but I have a fleet of ships. Each with a more powerful snarkazor then the last. We shall destroy...


Oh... Right.
Stupid lurking device.
I'll find him anyway though.

I'll get you yet Manoftyr!
I'll... get.... yoooouuuuuu!!!"

Will Jamin get Manofyr?
Will Manofyr ever de-lurk again?
Find out on the next episode of ErfStar Trek. *cue Star Trek, theme song*