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    Personally, I believe it was more of the 'game' perspective -- here we have a universe that actually works in hexes, unit/leader strengths, synergy and defined magic. Sure, you can be clever with the rules but they're still there. Very few computer games have vulgarity, and I've never read a tabletop instruction manual with swear words

    Here we see Parson in a new way -- he's had to deal with a lot, mass murder and a very real prospect of death for starters. Now he's come a full circle from claiming he would go to a game instantly (with a snap and a PLOT) if he could. He even does something a real player might to prove a point -- gets rid of a magic item.

    Your average d&d munchkin won't do that ever. I can imagine the horror "He got rid of a magic item!? WTF!? Is he stupid!?" He's broken a lot -- the way combat is perceived, the rules about casters leading units (though it's implied this has happened sometimes), used magic in new and interesting ways (uncroaking a volcano? I still get shudders when I think about that), and now with Wanda breaking the concept of death/Croaking (If they come back 1:1 with just their loyalty and priorities changed, is it really death?) the Erfworld stands at the brink of some very interesting changes.

    And of course, now that Parson has broken the language barrier (pun intended), we can expect to see something interesting in the near future.
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