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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn_In_Tonic View Post
    Ah. Well, the conversion should still be easy. I happen to prefer the skill requirement (and it's not like Epic Spellcasting, which requires a skill check. It's just a minimum requirement, like a feat). That said, you can either make it the equivalent in your system, or replace the Martial Lore ranks with the respective school rank (so Tiger Claw becomes Jump, for example).
    You're absolutely right : in spite of the different approach, it's indeed very easy to convert the Maneuvers from one system to another.
    Your new two-school Manuever is very impressive, mixing together an immense power (well... it's for a 37 level character... I can't even imagine what one could do at this point...) with great epic-flavour.
    Very nice job.
    If you had some Diamond Mind/Iron Heart/Tiger Claw Manuever for low-epic level (21-25), I'd truly like to see them (and probably use them in my campaign ).
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