I am reminded of the Marlon Brando rant just before he gets it in "Apocalypse Now", where he agrily points out that "[USAF] teaches our young boys to burn eople to death with napalm... but forbids them to paint the word **** on their airplanes... BECAUSE IT IS OBSCENE!!!"

I guess Parsons character development has gone full circle from munchkin, number crunching min/max-er gamer to one of a dissobeying unit. Like those broken morale units that flat out refuse to follow you ordes when you boop up...

The question remains: Will he change the rules? End conflict? lead a rebellion against the very rules of the game/world? Or is he a pawn of someone who also uses Wanda as a pawn... Someone like the Hippiemancers?

I know I will still cruise giantp (I mean I still think OOTS is the boop) but I will follow the story arc on the new website. And I booping hope they find a printer soon!