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The single curse at the end of this book is a powerful statement of individuality and self-determinism that, in my opinion, has significant artistic merit. It is unlikely that turning off the board filters is likely to generate many such moments compared to the tens of thousands of careless usages per day it will enable.

So no, board members still don't get to cuss. Write and draw a brilliant 150-page fantasy epic, and maybe I'll let you cuss here. Once.
I sincerly believe this will be the start of the great "Epic Webcomic with Boop in it" boom of ought nine...

Seriously, I was taught in free form writing classes that I should use the actual profanities... which of course helped keep down the cussing. Cause it needed to... well... be NESCESSARY?

But of course, given that this is an internet forum and flaming neds to be kept down, I guess I grudgingly support the filter.