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Thread: [3.5 ToB] Maneuvers beyond level 9

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    Unconquerable Fortress of Blades
    Iron Heart (Stance)
    Level:Warblade 11
    Prerequisites: 5 Iron Heart Maneuvers, Improved Manuver Capacity(10th), Improved Manuver Capacity(11th)
    Initiation Action: 1 swift action
    Range: Personal
    Target: You

    You disregard any form of protection but your own, trusted weapon. As a part of your own body, you shift and swirl your blade with incredible speed and accuracy, matching and parrying any incoming offense, shielding yourself from any harm, as an Unconquerable Fortress of Blades.

    While you are in this stance, when an enemy makes a melee or ranged attack against you, you can forfeit your normal AC and use instead an opposed attack roll as your effective AC against that incoming attack.
    You must decide to use this ability before knowing the result of your opponent's attack.
    Every time you try to parry an incoming attack in this way (whether succesful or not), you take a -1 cumulative penality on attack rolls on your next turn.

    Here it is.
    Now I'd like to know from you guys what do you think about this stance, wheter is balanced or not for its level (it's for a 25+ level character) and if the penality is acceptable.

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    Awesome, I got a popularity bump. Go me.
    Anyway, I heard of a system The Demented One was working on a while ago before he become addicted to Exalted. The system was basically a whole new set of disciplines for epic levels that had little to do with the IL 1-20 maneuvers you get. I don't know if he's done ANY work on it since he mentioned it to me, but if he never does I'll probably take up the mantle and do it myself.
    Thanks for the information and the interest, Blackleaf .
    I've read many works written by The Demented One and I'm very curious about this whole new system.
    If you and The Demented One would like to contribute to this thread, it'd great .

    Holy s**t, Blackleaf, you are the one who wrote the Martial Adept Epic Progression... awesome... my sincerly compliments !
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