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    Full Name: Daisy Annette Flowers
    Age: 22
    Appearance: Short, about 5'5", slender, delicate-looking. She has long messy brown hair that she seems to hide behind. She has startling aqua blue eyes. She's very girly, and tries to dress in a way that won't make her stand out, usually jeans and a simple top.
    Powers: emotional suggestion - very slight ability, can only be achieved while having physical contact
    Reason in City: Visitor (needs a new start) Prisoner
    Announced Items: purse containing chapstick, a notebook and pen, and a handkerchief
    Self Description and other Data: "Do I really need to do this?" *sigh* "Fine, I come from a long line of useless alcoholics, got caught up in the cycle, moved in with this guy who was a real jerk. I dumped him, and now I'm here trying to start over. This place seemed as good as any other. I'm visiting for now, but if I find a job or something worth staying for, I might consider making it permanent." Subject was reported as a super - confirmed.
    Address #: #12 Highburn Street, apartment 222
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