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    Gazrul glares at the elf. Fornicating with lizards? He'd show the honorless dog.

    He wiped a trickle of blood , rubbing it into the fur on his hands. He leaned in until his snout almost touched the elf's nose.

    "You see this?" He leans in close, to the point where his snout almost touches the elf's nose.

    "In my veins flows the blood of Gods, elf. his voice slowly grew louder, "I am a direct descendant of Gazrul the Red, son of the Dragons," (his voice was now a full-on roar) "the First Children of Meo-Karash, the Great and Terrible!"

    With a sigh, Gazrul visibly grew more calm.

    "Do you understand?"

    He turned to Vickers, half-smiling at his own outburst. "Do you suppose you can keep translating, my friend?"

    [After whatever reactions are necessary]

    "But, now, I am afraid that we have questions, elf, and that you have the answers we seek. My first query: who are you, what do you want, and most importantly, why did you attack and kill so many of my men?"
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