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Your average d&d munchkin won't do that ever. I can imagine the horror "He got rid of a magic item!? WTF!? Is he stupid!?" He's broken a lot -- the way combat is perceived, the rules about casters leading units (though it's implied this has happened sometimes), used magic in new and interesting ways (uncroaking a volcano? I still get shudders when I think about that), and now with Wanda breaking the concept of death/Croaking (If they come back 1:1 with just their loyalty and priorities changed, is it really death?) the Erfworld stands at the brink of some very interesting changes.
A munchkin character, even a power-gamer is probably the antithesis of any good storytelling.

If Gandalf would have been a Munchkin, he would have chucked fireballs at the Nazgul and the Catapults, made the ceiling collapse on the Balrog, etc...

If Merlin would have been a Munchkin, he would have killed Mordreid as soon as he shown up. He would have blasted Arthur's opponents into Oblivion, and charmed Arthur's mother so she'd be perfectly happy to live with Uther.

But people usually forget that the Wizard, in any good fantasy story, isn't there to solve the problem and win the day. He is there to make sure the Hero learns to do these things himself. Gandalf only was there to make sure humanity would stand up and fight for itself, and win the day for itself (except maybe vs surnatural ennemies). Merlin wanted to make sure there would be a decent king on the throne.