That said, just my two cents (although I am no expert on the tome of battle in any kind of way: I've only build a character/npc out of it 4-5 times, just to see how the system works. I quite like it, but it would be too much of an effort for me to produce more than 2-3 NPCs out of it).

In any case, I like the feat+minimum ranks requisite. I would like it to be a little bit more specialized in the different schools (jump/concentration and so on instead of martial lore), but those are minor tidbits. Also, perhaps a temporary decrease of strength/dexterity because of fatigue?

Anyway, keep in mind that the party is spread from level 20 to level 22. I don't see them jumping over to level 24-25 in the near future, so the only things needed right now are maneuvers of comparable power. If necessary, we could write out a generic system when things advance.

Magnificant Descent of the Sun Tiger is just too cool. (or hot, in this case)