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Thread: What is YOUR Zanpaktou?

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    number nine is here

    Name: Someras dolor

    Cero Color: Faded grey

    Personality: Almost none, while he is has smirked once or twice he doesn’t talk much. He mostly just stands in the corner or against the wall, and out of the way. He’s bland and dull he never get into any confrontation or argument, but will never apologies for anything he says. He never states opinion of any kind. When he dose speak it is short to the point with no emotion. He has a habit of pointing out the obvious which get on everyone’s nerves. He everyone is weaker than him cause as he says they don’t know his pain. He usually under estimates his opponents as is one of his major flaws.

    Aspect of Death: Pain

    Appearance: Not very tall or big, he got little muscle all over his body he looks harmless, and always depressed. His eyes rarely meet anyone’s gaze because there always looking down past his feet and the floor, I looks like he always staring into hell. He would be attractive if he didn’t look so sorry and weak. He has deep blue eyes and golden wavy hair that all over the place. He wears a long black cloak that goes past his feet and waves as he walks. Under neaten this coat is a plain white shirt. He always wears a weird pentane around his neck that he is often caught looking at but always denies it. He wears plain black shorts that are a little too big for him, with a white belt. His mask covers his whole neck and just the left side of his face; it extends in to his right shoulder a little.

    Zanpaktou: Yuushuu a simple blade no hand protector, no nothing just a blade with a small handle just big enough for his hand.

    Resurrección: Cry-out Yuushuu. He may look weak but far from it. He changes little in appearance, first scars from every battle which there were none before appear all over his body. Some so deep you can see his bones. His right foot is completely off but he floats anyway so it doesn’t matter. His mask grows to cover the left half his face and his whole for head. Spikes shoot out, of his mask, and also grow inwards when he speaks you can see some of the spikes going through his mouth one even goes though to the other side. He loses all regeneration and his skin hardens as he gets maimed and cut he’s power grows sometimes he even cuts himself. In this form he can only die by decapitation and cause of mask and spikes is really hard, he can move his Zanpaktou, which remains unchanged, by thoughts alone. He could lose every other part of his body and still fight on.

    Fighting style: he barely moves he just stands with the using his Zanpaktou with his mind. If he does move it is incredibly fast.

    since no one said anything hes my espada again what do you think everyone im probley will change the name i not sure about it
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