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Thread: What is YOUR Zanpaktou?

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    Name: Kinezumi Aritza, "Kine" for short (emphasis on the 'e')

    Rank: Fracción to Septima Espada

    Cero Colour: golden Brown

    Appearance and Personality: Lean and shabby, Kine cares little for the hassle of maintain his personal appearance. A shock of unkempt orange hair flows from his head, framing a calm, relaxed face who's washed out grey eyes convey a sense of inner peace. Rarely seen fazed by much of anything he's usually seen with his hands either resting in his pockets or running absently through his hair in a half hearted attempt to flatten it. The clothes he wears hang loose on his frame, not because he's overly thin, but simply because its the style he prefers. Standing in at 5"7 he is of average height some of which is lost to his perpetual slouch. The remains of his mask stretch across the lower right of his face, spanning from cheek to chin, it resembles part of the jawline of the traditonal mask of the muse of comedy of theatrical convention, albiet eavily stylised and built up in bone with an almost sinister twist of the smile. His hollow hole resides over where his liver should be.

    Like his master, Kine likes to think of himself as something of a phillosopher though his worldview and opinions differ drasticaly from Aléjandro's. He believes that all life is part of a great dance, every action a step, every encounter a manouver and that everyone plays their assigned role in the dance. A view easily confused with fate Kinewould be quick to assert that while your destination is always the same, how you get there is what realy matters. Laid back almost to a fault, he's an unflappable shirker who avoids confrontation wherever possible. He would never go against an order from his superiors but he often takes a wry amusement from making it hard for them to give him an order in the first place. He acts as if everyone he meets is his friend, and is cheerful even to his enemies. At times this is often a mask, his smiling face often hiding his true feelings as much as his hollow mask ever did.

    He tries to avoid combat if he has the option, preferring the peaceful option and while he rarely rises to taunts he is easily drawn into talking about his beliefs; his naivety that his opponents don’t want to fight him either often puts him at risk. When forced into a battle he descends into what he refers to as the dance of death, where he views the battlefield as a medium of artistic expression where two warriors compare their skill and finesse. As such he looks down on and is often saddened by those who ignore agility and subtlety in favour of raw power. He keeps his face calm as best he can, the better to unnerve his opponent.

    Zanpukto: Arlequín (Harlequin). Unusually his Zanpukto takes the form of a Glaive which he keeps strapped to his back at all times, the shaft is tasselled and a long ribbon trails from a hole in the blade. Lightweight and perfectly balanced it is perfectly suited to acrobatic combat.

    Resurrección: Leap, Arlequín! His mask grows out to cover his entire jaw line with a band rising up to encircle his forehead. The other half of the mouth is revealed to be the theatrical muse of tragedy, that half coloured black. The uniform becomes chequered black and white across his left leg, striped black and white on the other, with the same but inverted on his arms. The main body piece of his uniform is quartered black and white and plates of a bone like substance armour his shoulders and hips. His zanupkto gains a second blade reversed on the bottom identical to the first though the front facing edges on both blades become heavily serrated. In this form he gains a high level of control over his sonido and can attack or even manoeuvre at seemingly impossible angles mid jump in this manner. A pair of form fitting boots made of supercondensed bone adorn his feet making his kicks lethal to his enemies. His defensive capability is not increased so he relies on his boosted agility for his defence.
    He also gains access to:
    Dance of the black rose: His ultimate attack that shall remain a secrey for now
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