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    Tare left himself open to the expected attack from Brown, as the identity he was now embodying would be quite used to it. When Vylethar held her back, he almost looked... disappointed. The emotion was subtle, however, and did not linger. Unlike the urge to barf, that lingered just fine.

    Tare took appropriate effort to appear frightened at the hoofed man's displeasure, and yet somewhat reassured by the fact that he had done only what he had been told. "I don't understand, your Lordship, I-- Hrm. Lord Crx..." Here he showed difficulty in searching for the word, "...Recruited me and a half-dozen others a few months ago. I don't believe he recognizes me personally of course, I am hardly worthy of notice, but I have been serving in... various capacities since then. I would hardly describe myself as being on any 'payroll' position is hardly so...gainful... But regardless, I am sure he would not act in such a way without your permission. He-- that is, there must be an explanation why you were not... aware, of... but... Why would he do such a thing?" Tare struggled to excuse his imagined 'employer', working himself around to arguing the exact opposite case by 'accident.' At this self-revelation, he looked quite distressed, and fearful if perhaps Vylethar's ire was unwittingly deserved.

    When Adamè began to stir, Tare responded with the same surprise that the others did, but with completely different motivation. "Yes..." He said, his thoughts a red-hot blur of controlled panic as he scrambled for a solution. "Yes, my dear, this;" He indicated Lord Vylethar, "Is Grandmaster Vylethar. This is his mansion, and his hospitality that has brought us..." He said, with a sidelong glance at Vylethar. "Permit me to explain, Lord," He said with a hushed tone, as though trying to keep Adamè from hearing, though to himself he knew that her hearing was likely too good to be undercut in such a manner. "I mentioned that I was present when she was found? There is... a little more to the story. When she was first found, by myself and a few others, she was hysterical and raving, I know not why. Since we did not wish to harm her, she was proving difficult to... apprehend. When she saw me, though, and this is quite baffling to me, she immediately calmed down and started asking me questions and calling me by the name "Tare." Shortly after that she fell unconscious-- from the way she was acting before, I wouldn't be surprised if she didn't remember a thing that happened. I... do not... know the name that she calls me by... or her name, either..." He said, in thoughtful doubt, as though he wasn't entirely sure of either of those statements. "...She seems to think she knows me, though. Actually, one thing that I remember she said before she lost consciousness, something that caught me off guard, was that she thought I was dead. She... she said that she had watched me die. What could she have meant by that...?" At this point he is hardly speaking to Vylethar any more and is really thinking out loud, his expression highly troubled, staring into the distance like he was trying to remember something.
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