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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Zentei View Post
    Um, no, that does not make any sense. If powergaming is the antithesis of good storytelling, then combining the two does not make better storytelling.

    Of course, a character can be expected to seek the most effective way to acheive a goal within his range of competence and within the parameters of his objectives and personality.
    A powergaming character has no personality. He is a killing machine. 18 STR 18 Con, 3 everything else. Only trains skills useful in combat, mocks others for training in other areas.

    This is a quote from a powergamer in a game I was running. "I'm not here to roleplay, I'm here to roll dice!"
    Powergaming is a mechanical issue, and does not directly interact with roleplaying/storytelling.
    Making a robot is a mechanical issue. It totally interacts with roleplay and storytelling.
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