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    Takeshi- Segunda Espada

    Cero Colour: Blue. It is charged up at one of his fists while he makes a punching motion, and shoots when his fist is fully extended.

    Appearence and Personality:
    Takeshi is honour-driven, as befits the representation of honour among the Espada, and serves Toho out of loyalty for some unknown incident. He does not enjoy causing pain, and is respectful to his subordinates.

    He is about 5'10'' and has brown hair. He wears pretty much the standard Arrancar uniform, and wears his sword at his waist, normal fashion. His Hollow mask covers the left side of his face, and his Hollow hole is exactly where his heart would otherwise be. However, it's normally hidden by his uniform, as is his number 2 tattoo, which is on his back. He speaks in Dark Red.

    Zanpaktou: Gran Bestia: When sealed, it takes the form of a Tachi, a sword slightly larger than a Katana. Given he can punch through a concrete wall very nicely when its still sealed, he doesn't draw it often and releases it even less.

    Resurrección: "Wake up, GRAN BESTIA!" (Takeshi always yells the actual name. Always)
    Takeshi's resurrección is not one of the really impressive ones, at least not visually. When he activates it, a pillar of blue energy envelops him, clearing to reveal that the white material of an Arrancar has spread across his chest and arms. His arms have also effectively doubled in size, in all proportions. In this form, one punch could easily create a shockwave that would level a 10-kilometre radius. Of course, most of the time all that energy goes into the opponent instead of being wasted on a shockwave.

    He also has a secret which he has concealed from all the other Espada. He has Resurrección: Segunda Etapa. When he activates this level, his arms seem to shatter, revealing two normal sized arms. However, they are white, and the muscles are much better defined than when sealed. One punch in this state could produce a shockwave with a hundered kilometre radius. He also get significantly faster, and can use a instantaneous Cero obsuras.

    Leonardo Abarca- Fraccion to the Segunda Espada

    Cero Colour: Red

    Appearence and Personality: Leonardo appears like a tall man, standing 6' tall, with a large amount of red hair that is styled in a way that suggests a lion. His Hollow mask is a large jaw that rums all the way along his chin.

    Leonardo is feircely loyal to Takeshi, and the relationship between them is almost a student-teacher one. This is further suggested by the fact that Leonardo refers to Takeshi as "Takeshi-sensei"

    Zanpaktou: León

    León takes the form of a katana, with an engraving of a running lion along the blade.

    Resureccion: Roar, León!

    When Leonardo's Resureccion is activated, he morphs into a form that although still bipedal, is very similar to that of a lion. In this form, his speed and strength are both vastly increased. (Sorta like Grimmjow's Pantera, but lion instead of panther)

    Amparo Villanueva, Fraccion to the Segunda Espada

    Cero Colour: Pink

    Appearance and personality: Amparo is female in appearence, and has pink hair. Her Hollow mask covers an area over her shoulders, and her Hollow hole is in her belly. Her Arrancar uniform is a two-peicer, revealing the Hollow hole.

    Zanpaktou: Guerrera

    Guerrera takes the from of a Naginata when sealed.

    Resureccion: Strike, Guerrera!

    When released, Amparo's Zanpaktou takes the form of a sword and a shield, the latter of which is actually fused on to her forearm. She also becomes significantly faster.

    Adalberto Espina, Fraccion to the Segunda Espada

    Cero Color: Deep Sky Blue

    Appearence and Personality

    Adalberto is a tallish man, with blond hair. His Hollow mask takes the form of the upper part of a Fox's skull.

    He is a serious man.

    Zanpaktou: Diablo Zorro

    When sealed, his Zanpaktou takes the form of an ordinary blade.

    Resureccion: Ravage, Diablo Zorro

    When released, Adalberto takes this form, but with only one tail. He loses control of himself, however, when released. In fact, only Takeshi can actually seal his Zanpaktou again.

    As he continues to fight, additional tails grow, with his power level directly related to the number of tails. His appearence is also somewhat related to the number of tails. At 1 tail, he is only about as powerful as the other Fraccion. However, at 4 tails, he would be as powerful as Carcharadon in Ressurecion, at 6 as powerful as Abishai, and at 9 more powerful than Marro himself. The reason he is not an Espada is because he is essentially mindless when in Ressurecion, caring only for killing.
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