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    Masahiro Tatskete
    Vice Captain of the 7th Squad

    Navy reiatsu


    Masahiro Tetsketa

    Vice captain of the 7th squad

    A young male, he appears to be around his early twenties or late teens, much depending on whether or not he has been on an assignment for a while, his good looks are easely susceptible to scruffyness since he does not tend to them with diligent fervor.

    His hair is grey and cut short, posing a constantly ruffled look and causing him to oft look worn down. His eyes are a mottled blue, not cold, not intense, but not dark or brooding either, it is more akinn to looking at a hip of shattered glass. On his right hand, he carries a very partial glove made of leather and metal, covering only the thumb-side of his hand and wrist, this keeps his hand from becoming too damaged whilst blocking in shikai.

    Although young in looks, his demeanor is not, he goes to parties and enjoys both sake and ladies, but all the while, he can't help but feel inadequate. Long ago, he failed to protect someone he loved, this was the reason he joined the 7th squad, and it is also the reason that he still bears painful memories.

    Namae: Sanzu
    Shikai release command: Build your walls and snap your chains; Sanzu! (a translation would be awesome if anyone could help)

    Appearance: Sanzu takes the shape of a normally sized katana, an ash-coloured handle and a tsuba (guard) with the motif of a bridge across a river hints at the origin of its name.


    The shape and colour of Sanzu changes when released, the Tsuba vanishes and the hilt and scabbard takes the form of a Shikomizue, black in colour and with a silver pattern of a flowing river etched into the scabbard. The blade also attains etchings of a river, with two daemon hounds at the bottom of the blade (one on each side). The blade emits a cold, grey mist that runns allong its edge when released.

    - The hounds of Sanzu RiverThe release command calls forth dark beasts the size of an akita kino from the shadows, they are without fur and their fangs are strong, these are reffered to as the Dragons or Hounds of Sanzu River, they obey the thoughts and will of Tetsketa.

    What should be remembered is that his mind makes them a two-edged sword, he makes sure never to release it near someone for which he has chaotic feelings. They once killed his beloved.

    The hounds are large, but not unbeatable, they can be ordered to kill or contain, or chase away, unyielding and seemingly numerous, it is only really three or four hounds which are respawned, but each time they are killed and brought back from a new shadow, their strength diminishes, as does the strength of Tetsketa.

    - The walls of Death
    Once you die, there is no going back, great walls stand between you and your former life, even if those walls are but a way of describing the impossibillity of going back, they are in no way fictional when they come from Sanzu.

    If Tetsketa wills, the path of his sword will turn the air (nothing else) touched by the mist of the blade to stone, this allows him to set up smaller walls quickly, blocking blows and people with minor effort by cutting in the air. The walls however, does not drop, and as such, cannot be dropped on people by cutting above them.

    Tetsketa can also prepare larger fortifications, by letting the mist of his blade ebb downward over an area, he can then turn the air to stone below where his Zanpakuto was held, as such, he can repair holes in buildings or walls temporarily. The walls are never thick, but to call them weak or fragile would also be a mistake.

    Bankai, Sanzu-no-kawa (Sanzu river)

    Tatskete holds the sword in front of him, arms outstretched, edge down before flicking it with his left index finger, sending the metallic clang through the air, as the ring dies off, the sword completely dissolves into mists, swirling around him. The mists move much like Zenbonsakura Kageyoshi in Byakuya's first form for those who want a refference to their looks.

    The hounds are still there, much larger now, and great serpents can also be called, akinn to dragons of eastern mythologies. The Walls of Death are still there as well, however, now, the mists can form walls anywhere they strike, and as such, can form long sheaths or roads of stone, or just small lumps or sections of it.

    Finally, shadows reach from the mists, clinging to the people they touch, dragging themselves, or at least their images, from the River Sanzu itself, their faces those of people killed by the person they cling to, the more guilt, the more deaths, the heavier the shades.

    If anyone would help me with translating my release command, or drawing a picture of Tatskete, I would be most thankful.
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