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    Augustus Visconti - Octava Espada

    Espada aspect of death: Delusion

    Cero colour: Blue
    Activated when the jaws on his hand open.

    Appearance and personality:
    Augustus is slender and roughly six foot, with blue eyes and cleanly spiked short blond hair. His uniform is closer to a white suit with some black pin striping, but still bears certain features of more ordinary uniforms, such as the hakama (though oddly, these also have black pin stripes).

    His mask completely covers his right hand, which has longer claw-like fingers, and sharp teeth encircling the hand around the wisdom line. Where the mask ends is hidden by his sleeves. His hole is located at his solar plexus.

    (Personality is a difficult area, I want to avoid becoming another Charlotte Coolhorn )

    Augustus is a hedonistic egoist, instantly warming to any who compliment him (even enemies), and spiting any who criticise him. Otherwise he is largely an aloof and lazy individual, hesitant to even move if he cannot see a reason to do so. He believes he is a renaissance man, and in some cases has been known to invent thing which are either thoroughly useless or already exist. He is easily fascinated by shiny/colourful/pretty objects.

    Fighting Style: Augustus disdains the use of sonido/shunpo (his excuse is that is is "unfitting for one of my great stature") and has never learned the technique, preferring to strengthen his hierro to an abnormal degree instead and simply take the hit.
    For RP purposes, that means Fighting-specialised types of captain level can cut him in release, but non-specialised captains would need to use Bankai.

    Zanpakutou: A guardless wakizashi with a blue hilt and sheath. Its name is Paladino.

    Armas del Rey (Crest of the king) - By drawing a diagram on someone, he can control them, telepathically communicate with them, and use all of their senses. He is also able to make the diagram invisible to all but the closest forms of inspection. Augustus can transfer reiatsu to or from any crest bearer.
    This diagram has been drawn upon every member of his Fraccion.

    "Loath creation, Paladin"
    Paladino sinks into Augustus. The mask on his hand spreads across all of his body apart from his head, resembling a grotesque jagged armour. Various sets of teeth encircle his body, in much the same way as on his hand. His number also becomes clearly visible; a large 8 on his back, slightly to the left. His claws elongate slightly.

    After using his Resurrección, Augustus is able to take any who bear Armas del Rey as a host by touching them. Sufficiently strong-willed hosts may reject him (ie: equivolent of captain level), but to do so, they must battle him within their own soul.

    When fighting Augustus inside one's soul, kido, shunpo, cero, hierro (including the shinigami equivalent), shikai, bankai, and resurección do not function for either combatant. Any non-lethal damage (ie: loss of limbs) transfers to either combatant's outside body. The host who recieves a killing blow from Augustus at this time is unable to resist his control until he leaves, but if the host can kill Augustus, Augustus is rejected and unconscious outside the soul (not dead, but very easy to kill).

    If a host's body is killed by an outside force while attempting to reject Augustus, both the host and Augustus die.

    Hosts gain a vast enhancement of all their abilities (average fracción advance to Espada level), especially their hierro (or equivalent). However, Augustus has total control of the host's actions.

    There are two methods of removing Augustus from a host:
    Death. By killing the host, Augustus is ejected (largely) unscathed.
    Free will. Augustus can remove himself from a host at will.

    If Augustus has not taken a host in this form, he is able to draw Armas del Rey at greatly increased speed (roughly the same time as a cero).

    Fracción: Augustus uses many types of Fracción, however, one veriety of his own creation, the Identicals, are the most common

    Identicals - An artificially created variety of Arrancar. Weak, but highly durable, they make excellent guards. All share the same basic mind (but still lack a hive mind). They lack zanpakutou and Reserrección, but have relatively powerful Cero and are not to be taken lightly.
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