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    Name: Kiyeshi

    Rank: 5th squad 3rd seat
    Appearance: Kiyeshi is a left-handed, light skinned Shinigami who is garbed in basic Shinigami Robes with no left sleeve, his entire left arm is wrapped in bandages, his Zanpaktou and a nameless wakizashi hanging at his left side.

    Personality: Kiyeshi is a passive inquisitive person, he wants to know everything he can but he won't dig to hard to find uncover anything. He enjoys watching but not speaking when not required to.

    Reiatsu: Gray

    Abilities: Kiyeshi is very skilled in Hoho and sword play, skilled in Kido, and poor in Hand to hand. he can animate the bandages on his arm to aid in combat, although he loathes to do so.

    Zanpakuto: Nanakage (seven shadows)

    Sealed: black katana with a star patterned guard like Tōshirō's Zanpakuto, the hilt wrap is a light gray

    Overshadow, Nanakage

    seven swords each with a different ability


    (from left to right):
    -an ax-like sword increases Kiyeshi speed and related abilities
    -a small Katar can cast deep shadows about the area
    -An over-sized Shuriken that flies as directed by Kiyeshi
    -the base sword of the whole ensemble, empowers Kido when cast through it
    -the first of the twin blades when used with it's twin can be used to create small portals in which Kiyeshi can attack through to add distance to his attacks
    -a lance-like sword that uses Reiryoku to slightly extend the length of kiyeshi's blades
    -the other twin blade has the same ability as its twin

    Bankai: not obtained yet (in progress)
    The seven parts of Nanakage combine in a light eating explosion after the cloud of shadow is dispersed it reveals a sniper rifle carrying Kiyeshi

    Spirit: seven Shinigami linked to each blade. each spirit's looks give hint to the sword's ability

    Name: Vearo Noman
    Rank: newly promoted 3rd seat of the second squad (hopefully)

    Appearance: basic shinigami robes sans sleeves, Zanpakuto placed along his right side

    Personality: silly and over-curious

    Reiatsu: Crimson

    Abilities: expert hand to hand, sword and Kirusi-gama fighter, skilled healer, poor Kido user, very skilled Hoho practitioner.

    Zanpakuto: Interimere (to give the death blow)
    Sealed: a black wakazashi sized Zanpakuto with a circular guard carved with bones along the edge

    Shikai: at a cry of his sword's name while holding it horizontal at arm's length pointing the tip towards the direction he is facing, a sickle attached to a chain flies over to his right hand, the other end of the chain is attached to Interimere's main blade. the symbol for life is scribed in the sickle, and the symbol for death is on the sword, everything is black except the symbols.

    when in Shikai Vearo can use these abilities
    (note: almost all abilities require the opponent to be cut by Interimere's blade(s))
    Vearo can make the sickle can grow and shrink in size at will

    Backslash: wounds already made are torn open further
    reflex disruption: take it slow, good sir/madam wounds seem to begin slowing you, speed is dramatically reduced.
    Spasm: cut muscle twitches violently
    Improved Healing: just like it sounds
    in development
    Power surge: comes in two types
    White Surge: a healing slash style ranged attack fired from "Life"
    Black Surge: a damaging slash style ranged attack fired from "Death"

    Bankai: not obtained yet

    Spirit: a black and white cat
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