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    Ko, Decima Espada

    Name: Ko

    He appears as a 15 or 16 y/o boy. He is quite thin with tight, corded muscle. His eyes are black and don't reflect light and his hair (which is also black; sue me) hangs loosely at medium length--it's quite disheveled. His skin is lightly tanned.

    He wears a tight white tang-top with a black skull at its center, black pants with a studded leather belt, and combat boots that are strapped on with three thick leather belts. Chains are wrapped around his arms and are connected to leather cuffs around his wrists. Large silver prayer-beads hang around his neck.

    His hollow hole is where his belly-button would be on his lower abdomen, and is quite large. He's rather ashamed of it, and hides it beneath his tang-top (or other clothing he might be forced to acquire) whenever possible. His mask appears like a V between his eyes and is quite small compared to others' mask fragments. His number "10" is on his forehead. The Zero is right in the center of his forehead with the One slightly offset.

    Personality: A tad bipolar, Ko can be quite mischievous at times and melancholy the next. He isn't too keen on fighting, instead he'd rather push events along and "manipulate" them so they're more interesting. When he does get forced into a fight, he attempts to finish it as quickly as possible and strikes with surgical precision and tactical genius.

    When something he doesn't like occurs, he can become quite depressed.

    Aspect of Death: Sacrifice.

    Cero Colour: White. Charged a few inches from his forehead, directly in front of the zero. While not in his resurrección he closes his eyes while charging and opens them as it fires. To make up for this glaring weakness, his cero is a sustained beam that lasts several seconds (about 10-12) instead of one blast. When he is in his resurrección, he doesn't close his eyes.

    Zanpaktou: Llorón (Mourner): When sealed, it takes the form of a Shirasaya Sword, a featureless katana with no guard within a protective sheath. The sheath is smooth and white with 'Mortui Vivos Docent' written down its length. He wears it at his right side, attached to his belt (even though he is right handed).

    Abilities, other than standard Arrancar:

    Extreme Reiatsu control: Ko can manipulate his Reiatsu to a degree that most arrancar only dream. With it, he can quickly reallocate his power to pump up his abilities. Using this, he often seems more powerful than he actually is.

    Speed Demon: Ko is arguably the fastest of the Espada, and his Shunpo is practically unmatched. This ability may be all that keeps the boy alive during certain circumstances.

    Stealth Specialist: Stealth is Ko's particularly specialty, he has the ability to suppress his reiatsu to a level where he is barely detectable. With time and focus, he could possibly pass as a spirit medium-type human.

    Resurrección: "Dry your eyes, Llorón!"
    He stabs his sword into his shadow, which absorbs the weapon. Rarely used, Ko's Resurreccion causes his body to change drastically. His legs and lower back become black wispy shadow, while the rest of his cloths disappear. The chains around his arms remain, however they are attached directly into his wrists instead of leather bracelets.

    His mask grows dramatically to cover his eyes and cheeks, leaving his forehead, nose, and mouth exposed. The eyes of his mask are swirling spirals. The V of the mask fragment grows to create two long horns that curve above his head. Despite how his mask "covers" his eyes, he can still see easily. In this form, he has control over all shadows, and his weakness is obviously light.

    However, his Resurrección has a secondary release. In this form, his mask grows to cover his entire face and his entire body changes to shadow. The features of the mask which cover his mouth is appear to be bars like a jail window. All shadow within miles of Ko becomes his weapon and turn to solid black which cannot be dispelled with any light (though it's theorized that a lightsource created from someone as powerful as him could destroy the super-shadows temporarily).

    His mask (since he has no body) will either float in the air with a stream of shadows erupting from the back, or will lay on the floor inert as he controls the shadows.

    Special Attacks:
    All Creation: This technique may only be used in his secondary resurreción release and could be considered his ultimate attack. Every shadow expands to cover everything without a soul within his area of manipulation for a short time. This gives him an unprecedented level of control and power, as ever bit of the terrain and atmosphere become his weapon.

    Globe of Shadows: A technique he must concentrate to perform, it is neither offensive or defensive in a traditional sense... it is merely a delay tactic. Usable in his resurrección, he creates a large globe of shadow around himself. Everything within is immediately frozen as he commands the shadows to stay solid and unyielding. Any creature caught within is held in place along with any objects, and if anything enters the globe, they are as well.

    Sealing Chains: Lashing his chains together above him in a knot, many chains fly out seeking to strike his enemies. When the chains hits an enemy, it becomes attached to their spiritual energy and gives him control of them. They subject can resist the control, but the fewer people he controls, the more power he has and the more difficult it is to break free by shear will. If the chains are cut, they dissolve and he loses control of the creature it was attached to.

    Fighting Style:
    Ko will almost never use his zanpakuto. Even when faced with someone that is obviously more powerful than him (well, more powerful than him when he's not using the sword), he will refuse to unsheathe it. Only when faced with certain destruction or a staggeringly steadfast enemy will he unleash his weapon. And by that point he will most like just straight into his resurrección, unless he believes he would have fun having a sword-duel with his opponent. When he does fight with his sword, he holds it underhanded and fights with a very odd, tumbling style.

    Normally, he will use the chains wrapped around his arms as weapon while relying on his agility to defend himself. His skin is also incredibly tough and will not cut easily; however that doesn't mean he won't feel the impact, and he has a particular disdain for bashing weapons.

    Ko is, underneath it all, incredibly unhappy. He has perfect memory of his days as a mindless hollow and mourns his actions. He is incredibly subjective and doesn't view the world in terms of black and white (unlike his color scheme). Above all, he desires to bring justice to the world and defend the weak. Becoming one of the Espada is a way he sees to bring this about. He takes no pleasure in some of the activities he is forced to do, but views the end desire as a way to justify the unsavory actions he must take.

    He was turned into a hollow after being shot (in the lower stomach, hmmm) protecting his girlfriend from muggers. He lingered in the hospital for a while before passing away. His devotion for his girlfriend was what kept him to this world and she, unfortunately, was the first soul he devoured when she started dating other people. Now, he has his 'sanity' back as an arrancar and is plagued by guilt. All this he hides under a care-free persona.

    His weapons uses a shirasaya scabbard to symbolize how little he desires to use it (or perhaps his arrogance believing it should see little use).
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