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    Tsukino Nukari, former Vice Captain of Squad 11:
    Appearance: Usually only wears the black hakama of the soul reaper uniform, leaving a form-fitting black long-sleeved shirt over his torso. Moderately long, messy black hair that could be compared to the mane of a wolf. His eyes are noticeable for having yellow irises, to complete the wolf-like visage. He has a crescent-shaped scar by his right eye.

    Personality: Usually silent, to the point of sulking in the company of most people. He mostly speaks to his Captain, alternating between jokingly threatening him for his position with a fight to the death, or just plain critical/snarky comments. He does have a lot of respect for him despite this image, though.

    In battle, he fights with the frenzy of a wolf, often cackling in psychotic glee. He rarely holds anything back, if at all, so most of his fights don't last very long.

    Reiatsu: Dark Orange

    Kuroi Ookami
    Sealed Form: A Chokutō.
    Command: "Break free!" / "Mogitore!"

    Shikai: A Jitte with the prong sporting a sharp blade instead of being blunt.

    Ability: The prong extends whenever it contacts flesh, creating vicious bleeding wounds (it detracts after creating a wound). Its cutting power also makes it fairly easy to shatter other zanpakutou.

    Bankai: Kuroi Ookami, Carnage Dance ("Ninjou no Mai") - Kuroi Ookami's main shaft sharpens into an actual blade, and the bladed prong detaches and grows into a full-length sword blade attached to the main blade by a spiked chain. Every time a blade of Kuroi Ookami makes contact with flesh, a similar chain and blade sprouts. Each blade acts independently of the main sword, but usually attacks the same target.

    Zanpakuto Spirit: A big, black wolf with blood-soaked fur and many chains wrapped around its body.

    (Credit to Haruki-kun on the avatar, even though I'm not using it anymore!)
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