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    Taniko: Vice-Captain of the 4th Squad
    Reiatsu: Dark orchid, apparently.

    Appearance and personality:
    Taniko is a shinigami of slim, modest figure who has neck-length straight hair of a lighter shade of brown. Her uniform is mostly standard, but she favors to walk around barefoot rather than wear the standard socks and sandles. She finds the feel of them restricting, and can easily use the "walk on air" technique to get around on rough terrain anyhow.

    Taniko is a long-term thinking introvert, and because of this is very polite and patient when dealing with others, including the enemy. It's because of this manner that she was able to acquire the vice-captain position despite her low born background. She strives to avoid needless conflict, however, and for this reason deferred the position to a challenger without resistence. She figures that she can get the position back soon enough when she's able to release her bankai, and let the red tape of the Soul Society shift the ranks for her.

    In a combat situation, Taniko favors a stationary position behind the cover of her defensive Way of Binding techniques while examing her opponent for weaknesses. When she sees an opportunity, Kagekyoku will begin an incantation, Taniko will shunpo into strike position, she'll use a Way of Binding without the incantation to disrupt the enemy mobility, and within that time Kagekyoku will complete the incantation and attack.


    Sealed: Kagekyoku
    Kagekyoku is a convential jitte, but with a bladed edge pointed away from the hook guard. The grip is padded by a patterned weave of white cloth.

    Shikai: "Hibiki, Kagekyoku."
    A wrist blade that is actually two identical blades set side by side, Kagekyoku uses sonic vibrations to speak and perform kido seperate its wielder. Although it can change it, Taniko's zanpaktou favors a booming, masculine voice one would expect to hear in an opera house.

    Bankai: Kagegasshou.
    The wrist blade is detached, floating of its own accord, and multiplied in quanitity from one to thirteen. In addition to performing kido, each blade can manipulate sounds within thirteen meters of it and strike independantly within its reach. Movement of the blades, however, is directed by the wielder.

    Kagekyoku's True Form:
    A simple masculine silhouette of solid black, standing slightly taller than Taniko when he manifests.