As Delora’s explanation sank in, Ruya tried to judge the distance between them and the gatehouse. With the gate already opening, she decided, and her leg injured, she wouldn’t be able to make it before whomever or whatever was coming through could see her. With undead creatures like Varlest roaming the city, she couldn’t count on the invisibility that cloaked the two of them to keep them hidden, especially since it seemed now like Varlest was not working alone. He had not killed Delora with the rest of her family for some reason; he must have been saving her for this, so that he could be at his peak for whomever or whatever was coming through now. There also was the question of how Varlest had returned. Someone else would have had to bring together most of his ashes from the pyres that had been used to dispose of his creations, but why? She inched back slightly, still watching the gatehouse and now-open gate intently for signs of anything coming out. “Varlest must have other allies,” she said, giving voice to her thoughts. “This can’t be a coincidence.”