Pyrene realized what the elf was about to do an instant too late, rocking back slightly in a vain attempt to avoid the flying spittle. She wiped it away, but otherwise appeared to be frozen in shock as the elf ranted. Not until Klaus looked at her with something dangerously close to pity in his eyes did she pull herself together and gather her wits.

"Well," she said with what was not quite a wry smile, "if that is how all elves react to mixed-bloods, it is no wonder my father took a human lover. Still, information is information, however it is delivered."

Straightening slowly, so that Garthax would not fall off, Pyrene took two steps such that she could look down into the face of elf who had spit on her. "Unfortunately for you, I was raised human. My mother may have been a whore, but she at least taught me that it's bad manners to let someone die after they've saved your life. Besides, I don't much like the idea of becoming a slave." <*Goodnight*>

As the elf crumpled into sleep under the weight of Pyrene's spell, she looked at Klaus, thinking hard. "It seems clear to me that your cabin is not safe anymore. Our only advantage is that the elves aren't looking for us specifically, we just happened to be in the invasion path. Is there any kind of refuge we could seek? Some nobleman, perhaps, who would shelter us from the Baron and the elves? Or you two at least - I doubt a branded criminal would be welcome. In any case, someone will come looking for these soldiers sooner or later, and I would rather not be here when they are found." She hesitated. "Particularly if they are not found alive."