Korram Alstan

Korram stirs in his sleep as the nightmares come upon him, starting to full wakefulness as the imprisoned Lord of the Inferno breaks into his nightmare. Korram thinks for a second, committing to memory Calcifer's ability to interrupt his dreams. He dresses quickly and moves into the main room, and nods silently as Kris explains what's happening. With a wave of his hand, Korram dispels the ring of fire and slides down the ladder. He turns, looking out at the scene of carnage.

Instead of immediately fleeing the doomed encampment as Kris says, Korram instead goes on the attack. He charges forward while spreading his arms, releasing orange tongues of flame from his fingers which spear enemies all around.

If it seems like the attack can be warded off, Korram keeps fighting.
If the encampment is doomed, Korram keeps fighting until he sees and opening and flees into the forest.