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    I like that everyone is on the same side now. Make love, not war.

    I didn't like it when Erfworld was scary and complicated. The cute names like "dwagon" and "gobwin" and the teddy bears helped me through. And now that Parson is a hippiemancer by breaking things it's clear that the next thing he breaks is not eating the supplied food that the game pops and goes on a hunger strike like a true hippie. Then he'll break more rules by eating another unit!!!! It'll be Wanda, of course, to give us fans with a vore fetish some service. Then he'll inherit all of her powers like Cell from Dragonball Z and all of those nasty skulls will turn into flowers. Hamsters make more sense but flowers are prettier and smell better and I like them more!

    Then he'll make friends with Charlie, and Vinnie will turn into Edward! EEEEEEEEEEEEE!
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