The demon mage let Roger take the holy water. Sohssal himself wouldn't have a use for it, anyway. Neither the stakes, garlic nor Miriam's symbol bothered him. Not many holy symbols could affect him without a holy man to back them up. The silver mirror however, almost made him cringe. He replaced it carefully in Heath's pocket, making sure to never look at his reflection. "Ah, these notes will be quite useful. I didn't expect him to be so careless," he said, suppressing a chuckle. After going through the notes, he divided the healing potions between Roger and Omega. Not having any stomach, Sohssal didn't have much use for those, either.

"All right, unless either of you wants to loot this place, let's get going. We should stop by at my accomplice's place before heading to the meeting spot. I'm sure he'll find these notes useful," he said. As waited for any ransacking to be finished, he gulped down some of the surrounding magical energy as one last pick-me-up. Then he cast the teleportation spell once again, taking along Omega, the acolyte - and even Heath's floating corpse - back to Seymour's lair.