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Alright. I know I'm being really negative in this post, but I really need to vent. I don't like the fact that the giant says that he posts three times a week when he actually doesn't. Now, I know you all may be thinking, "well, he's sick, and might not post three times a week every week, but he makes up for it on the weeks that he's not sick."

Well, actually according to my calculations, he's a bit closer to two times a week on average. I started reading order of the stick two january's ago. that means that i've been reading it for approximately 70 weeks (probably more, but i don't want to do the math right now and 70 is a conservative estimate). I remember that when I got caught up that January, I got caught up to comic 517. Since then, we're on comic 658. That means that between two January's ago and now, there have been 658 - 517 = 141 comics. 141 comics divided by the 70 weeks that i've been reading is 2 comics per week. If the giant were really writing three comics per week like he claims he does, he would need another 70 comics, which he clearly does not.

Alright. I just wanted to vent about this. I'm willing to be patient. I understand that he's sick, but he definately does not post three comics per week (however, two WOULD be a good estimate).
You are behind in your information.

There has not been a schedule for some time, nor will there be one again. The comic is posted when it is posted, with no regard for how many have been published in the same week. Note that I removed the statement about the comic's update schedule from the comic page entirely. Any previous statements about frequency are obsolete and have been for years; the last time I even addressed the issue in the News was on 10/14/2007, at which time I said I "hoped" to do three a week, but that was not necessarily possible and should not be expected. And indeed, it has not been possible and should not have been expected, despite my hopes.

So, sorry you misunderstood, but the "three a week" ship sailed about two years ago and it's not coming back.