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    Gazrul turned to his lieutenant. "I concur. Our situation here has become much more complicated, though I am hesitant to abandon the search completely. Due to the elves, I suggest we get back out of this forest as quickly as our steeds will carry us. For truly, in all likelihood the elves have more of their archers and ambushers about. Barbaric and cowardly tactics, but nonetheless effective in the woods. But out in the open we have the advantage. If we want these elves to fight us like proper soldiers, we'll just have to make them."

    Gazrul tosses the communication crystal to Wulfric. "Tell the other men to exit this forest immediately. We'll rally at our initial point of entry. If they ask why, just tell them: ambushers.

    As the men set about their tasks, Gazrul then turns to the struggling elfish prisoner, picking him up as if he were a ragdoll. "I know you won't understand a word of this, elf, but listen closely: I'm going to let you live. But you'll soon regret it, if I have my way. You see all those corpses out there? Those were men. Men with families. Wives, daughters, and sons. And you and your filth murdered them in cold blood. You attacked them by ambush, on a level equivalent with assassins and savages. They, honorable men, were not even given the honor of an honorable death. Thus their blood cries out from the very ground for justice to be done. And it will be done, so help me Ancestors. The true gods of this world, incidentally." Gazrul, elf still in hand, storms over to his mount. He ties the elf to the saddle by his legs, leaving his head dangling only a few feet above the ground. Mounting his steed, he turns to Wulfric.

    "Have you relayed my orders, yet?"
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