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    Default Re: The Narrow Bridge (3.5 undeath themed ToB discipline)

    The Narrow Bridge Manuever List

    1st Level
    Death to the Living: Strike- Deals 1d6 negative energy damage.
    Peaceful End: Strike- deals extra damage against undead and deathless targets.
    Soulshield: Stance- protects against effects from undead and death effects.
    Live Without Life: Strike-Deals 1d6 damage and prevents the target from being healed.
    Empower the Dead: Stance- Gives bonuses to allied undead.

    2nd Level
    Disrupt Necromantic Power: Strike- deals 2d6 extra damage against undead, deathless or beings capable of casting necromancy spells.
    Putrefy the Flesh Strike-Deals extra damage over the course of multiple rounds depending on the creature type.
    Fear of Death: Strike- Targets must make a will save or be frightened for 1d4 rounds.
    Cross the Bridge: Stance - Mindless undead treat you as undead and you take less damage from some forms of vile damage.
    Blind the Dead: Strike- Undead subject to this strike are unable to see you.
    Burn the Dead: Strike-Targets take extra fire damage and undead with light vulnerability take further damage.

    3rd Level
    Strength of Life: Boost- Gain 1d10 temporary hit points +1 per an initiator level.
    See Those who Have Yet to Die: Stance-Duplicates the Deathwatch spell.
    Harness The Soul's Power: Strike-Gain effects similar to the spell Death Knell that you may keep for yourself or give to an ally.
    Pierce Soul: Strike-Target must make a fortitude or be paralyzed.
    Rebuking Blow: Strike-Target is subject to a rebuke undead attempt by a cleric of your initiator level.
    Turning Strike: Strike-Target is subject to a turn undead attempt by a cleric of your initiator level.
    Walk the Narrow Bridge: Stance- You are effected less by both negative and positive energy.

    4th level
    Momento Vixisti: Strike- Target undeas takes various penalties as it recalls life.
    Life Drain: Strike- Target takes 1d6 extra damage and half the damage from the attack is changed into healing energy you may bestow on yourself or an ally.
    The Flesh Still Lives Strike- Strike deals an extra 4d6 vile damage.
    Die to Serve Strike- Strike deals extra 3d6 damage and if the target dies it becomes a temporary zombie which serves you.
    Guardian of the Dead Stance- it becomes harder to rebuke or turn allied undead and non-allied undead have trouble creating spawn within 100 feet of you.
    Disrupt the Flow Strike-Undead struck have their effective hit die for turning and rebuking purposes reduced by a function of a knowledge(religion) check.

    Shared Souls Stance- You and designated allies do not fail saves unless all of you fail the saves.
    Stand Against Death Counter- you substitute a knowledge religion check for a save against an undead being.

    5th level
    Even the Dead Fear Death: Strike- Undead take 5d6 damage + 1 per an initiator level and must make a will save or be panicked.
    None Truly Control the Dead Forever: Strike - Target must make a will save or lose control of undead it controls.
    Preserve the Soul: Stance- Duplicates the effects of the Death Ward spell.

    6th level
    Slash the Spirit Strike- Deals extra damage against incorporeal undead and ignores the miss chance against incorporeal beings.
    Reflect Death: Counter- Reflects back against foe any death effects you are subject to.
    Embrace the Vampire: Stance- gain DR 10 /silver or magic and other vampiric bonuses.
    Scream of the Dying: Strike deals sonic damage and on target must make a will save or be shaken.

    7th level
    Return to the Grave: Stance- Allows you to make critical hits against undead.
    Rebuke the Controller: Strike- Deals 6d6 damage to an undead being and deals extra damage to anyone controlling it.
    Final Rest Strike- You deal 6d6 extra damage and undead must make a will save or be destroyed.

    8th level
    Fear of the Coming Oblivion: Strike- You deal 10d6 extra damage and the target must make a will save or be panicked.
    The Flesh Crawls Strike- You deal an extra 12d6 damage and half the damage from the attack is vile damage.
    Destroy the Source Strike destroys an undead target as well as its spawn.

    9th level
    Life is Precious: Strike- Deals an extra 15d6 damage and the target must make a fortitude save or die.
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