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    Quote Originally Posted by ishnar View Post
    A powergaming character has no personality. He is a killing machine. 18 STR 18 Con, 3 everything else. Only trains skills useful in combat, mocks others for training in other areas.

    This is a quote from a powergamer in a game I was running. "I'm not here to roleplay, I'm here to roll dice!"

    Making a robot is a mechanical issue. It totally interacts with roleplay and storytelling.

    The powergamer would obviously not be a melee class, he'd be a caster.

    Therefore depending on how many points available to him; 16ning his primary casting stat, and putting some points in dex/con, and a bit in wis so he still has decent saves

    Or 18ning his primary casting stat and else doing the same routine.

    If he was actually a melee class he would obviously not neglect Dex, which determines AC and the reflex save (Good for avoiding a bit of damage) and Wis (Which boost his Will save, which he needs, badly)

    A powergamer playing a fighter (LE GOD?! Is that actually possible?!) would probably know the value of a dude capable of slowing down the advancing enemies with spells.

    That was semi irrelevant, but i felt like pointing it out.

    I admit i am going by D&D rules here.
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