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    People seem to confuse the fact that we now know more of Wanda's motivations with her being one-dimensional. Which isn't strange, since the more we know a person has the less of a wildcard that person becomes. Someone with a backstory can be predicted, someone wholly unknown could do anything, for any reason.

    Wanda might be less mysterious now, but I don't agree that she'e one-dimensional now. If anything I think her character just got a bit more interesting, from just being rather bland evilcute fanservice deus ex dispenser to someone with an agenda.

    So yeah, I like Wanda more now. Amsom more too, probably, but more because it gives Parson a slightly-too-into-it henchman that he has to deal with. So far everyone has been nice and polite and just wanting everything turning out for the best, like bogroll and sizemore. It's going to be interesting seeing how Parson reacts to having someone under his command

    And it's going to be REALLY interesting to see what Stanley does to Parsons new lackey. :D
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