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    Korram Alstan

    Korram looks around, aghast at the havoc caused by the baron's constructs. The implications of the power of these "GHASTs" are not lost on Korram, and his mood only grows grimmer as he realizes just how many the Baron must have to be willing to send so many on a mission like this. Korram snarls impotently as Kris drags him away, wanting to help but knowing there is no way he can.
    Well, maybe one...
    Calcifer, why...
    Absolutely not. I will only allow the use of Banefire in absolute life or death situations-
    This is-
    -Life or death for you, Korram.
    Dejected and refused, Korram docilely follows Kris out of the encampment, sneaking very quietly around the flames and wrecks. When they reach the outskirts of the encampment, they are confronted by a GHAST that blocks there way. It issues an ultimatum to Korram to get out of the way before pointing a laser wing at Kris. Korram thinks very quickly, and steps out of the way.
    Then he reaches up and twists the wing out of its alignment with Kris, and then grips it and spins up, planting his feet on the construct's back. Gripping the wing at the base, Korram superheats his hands and pulls with all of his might. The wing proves even more resistant than expected, but Korram manages to separate it.
    The action leaves him vulnerable, however, and the GHAST reaches around and grabs his leg, hurling him away and into a nearby tree.

    Korram Alstan. You are in violation of your pact with the Baron, and your status as dangerous criminal is restored. You will be terminated.

    Korram flips up and over the ensuing laser blast, landing and ineffectively trying to sweep the GHAST off its feet. He dodges back, favoring his pained ankle. He makes a mental note not to try that again.
    Dodging an overhead slice from the wing, Korram grabs it behind the blades, calling upon all of Calcifer's strength and heat in one burst that crushes the metal appendage where he grabs it. He begins to toss the wing aside, but then a wicked grin splits his face. Dodging a preternaturally fast fist, Korram brings the wing around and slices through the arm lengthwise before chopping it off at the shoulder. He leaps over a second punch and brings the blade through the creature's other shoulder. A follow through once he lands separate's the Baron's minion from its legs. Korram impales the GHAST's torso into the ground, and then speaks to the still-active head.

    "I broke no oath. I said I would return in six months, which has not yet elapsed, and I said I would not harm any of the Baron's men, which you are most certainly not. Do not impugn my honor!"

    Korram stands and turns to Kris.

    "Let's go. The others are probably coming."

    He heads off into the woods, setting a fast pace.
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