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    Default Gauntlets of Hedged Fate [3.5, random item idea]

    Gauntlets of Hedged Fate

    Each of these red- and black-striped gauntlets has a hole in the center of the palm, which is a portal to the plane of Limbo. As a free action, as part of another action, the wearer can activate the gauntlets to spew something forth, which may be either helpful or harmful to the current situation. The wearer can activate up to 5 charges at a time, to subtract and add (as a luck penalty/bonus) the listed numbers to any d20 roll that he has made, after seeing the original result. The gauntlets may not be used more than once with a single action.

    1 Charge: -3/+1d6
    2 Charges: -6/+2d6
    3 Charges: -9/+3d6
    4 Charges: -12/+4d6
    5 Charges: -15/+5d6

    For example, if you activated 3 charges to modify an attack roll you have just made (and seen the results of), you would then subtract 9 from the roll and add 3d6 to it.

    The gauntlets have a ring of engraved pictures circling the portal to Limbo. Whenever the gloves are activated, a picture corresponding to the number of charges used glows either red or white, depending on if the net luck addition was negative or positive, respectively. 1 charge lights up the prince picture, 2 charges lights up the queen picture, 3 charges lights up the king picture, 4 charges lights up the number "1", and 5 charges lights up the jester picture. The lighting up is accompanied by a "ding" sound.

    The gauntlets do not spew forth things with effects other than what is listed. For example, if used during an attack roll, they might spray non-damaging pebbles at the enemy's face, or spew a slippery grease onto the wearer's own weapon which slides off after the action.

    A total of 10 charges may be used per day.

    Moderate conjuration; CL 10th; Craft Wondrous Item, plane shift, creator must be chaotic; Price 7,200 gp; Weight 3 lb.