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    Default Re: Gauntlets of Hedged Fate [3.5, random item idea]

    Yeah, Pair'ODice has it. I added an example in the stat block. I got the price by first looking at just the use of it that gives the best odds, which is -15/+5d6 for an average of +2.5. Then I added .5 to that because of various tricks you can pull. Then I squared it and multiplied by 2000, and divided by 2.5 because you can only use the best odds twice per day. If you're really lucky, the item is worth much more than that, but if you have average luck, I think it's about right.

    I'm not even sure if it's something your everyday sane player would buy. It's a fun thing for a DM to include in treasure, though.

    Edit: Just realized that if I let them use it multiple times on a single roll, there's no reason to ever use more than 1 charge at a time. Changing that.