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    Default Re: [BleachITP] Ep1: "Battle for the Captaincy! Cecilia's true power?"

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    Falcon Paunch!!!
    Shirubaru is smashed down into the ground, several teeth and a curving splatter of blood spinning through the sky in the wake of Cecilia's punch. He is still clutching onto his steadily-sawing Zanpaktou, however, and it has finally managed to saw through the metal until it is just barely brushing against flesh. Shirubaru whips down hard, sending a crack down the entire length of the snake's coils which abruptly shears off the whole of the top of the armour on Cecilia's arm. With nothing to support it, the bottom half should also collapse, leaving her arm bare.

    Sometimes you need to learn how to take a punch, says Shirubaru. Well, it actually comes out more as "shumtims oo nid tch lrrn ho ta tik ah pnsh," but it's the thought that counts.

    Shirubaru grins through his mashed-apart mouth, skidding backwards away from Cecilia.

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