Ardraket Oldn

“Standard profit motive, why can these fools not be more creative.”

Grumbling slightly as he reads the list of the plan Ardraket nods as he sees the route that his target will be taking. Yet the slight victory is short-lived as the voice crackles from the middle of the guards.

Yet the first reaction of Ardraket is to stay still. Surprises were nothing new, and in his experience he found that staying calm and still for a moment provides an illuminating light to a situation. Throughout his life this moment of calm has evolved to be second nature. For but a bare second time freezes and he goes through in his minds eye the locations of the guards, Vash and the mysterious Caxle.

As the Adrenaline rushes through him a hidden knife lowers into his hand. Echoes of the voice ripple through the chamber, with the diminishing sounds bouncing along the walls, providing a snapshot of the possible source of the voice. A quick blink across the guards reveals a possible location where someone could be hidden, and a path where a knife could fly through it and not hit the redshirts.

Time returns to normal and his knife flies through the air, his hand a blur of motion as the knife rips through the air towards the possible source of the voice. The rest of him is a blur as he twist and lowers himself and two more knives appear in his hands, ready and willing to shed more blood as needed.