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    Tare nodded, trying to look eager to help. "Certainly lord, I'm sure that-- erk..." He mumbled, as the invisibility field on his chest began to spread. He made a face, closing his eyes and breathing deeply; the field retreated back to just the hole in his chest. "Pardon me, Lord..." He reaches up to wipe sweat from his forehead. "Erm, Right, the... Elf--do we know her name yet...?--was found with another, a male elf around her-- errrg..." He muttered, the invisibility again spreading, this time slowing to a stop when it covered almost his entire chest. "Please, your forgiveness, Lord, but...rrg... Visibility is difficult for me to maintain for more than a few minutes, you see... I don't believe I can hold it back for much longer," He explains, making a small show of struggle, forcing the field back another few inches. At this point he seems rather out of breath, and finally, with a gasp of relenting against the inevitable, the invisibility field plunges back over his whole body, washing him away from sight. His voice remains fatigued, but is otherwise changed completely. Again his voice returns to the low, guttural rumble that it was before Vylethar entered the room before. "Apologies, Lord... it seems I had less time than even I thought." He shuffles his feet audibly. "I trust you know where the Slave quarters are, your Lordship? I will follow you, with your permission..."
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