“Another vampire,” Ruya murmured, half-dazed herself at the physical feat and what it meant. A sudden feeling of deep-rooted unease came over her, and she felt every rune on her body ache faintly in sympathetic response. She turned to where Delora was looking at her with concern, but saw instead a massive black pyramid floating well above the city walls, stark against the night sky behind her. Delora turned to see what had so taken her attention, only to freeze, stunned, at the sight. Ruya found her voice first. “This magic...what kind of art,” she whispered. Shaking her head slightly, she continued, loud enough to be audible. “The vampire must have left the gate open to let something through. We should find the nearest guard post that isn’t at a gate, warn them if they’re still there.” She gave a second look to the mysterious object, wondering if she should go there instead. Whatever power was being summoned, it was obviously coming from there. Still, the vampires were already within the city, along with whatever help would be available to them. “We should hurry.”