Ander Windrivver

I'd lower that crossbow if I were you, Ander says to the rather surly guard left behind to keep an eye on him while the other goes to announce his arrival. Even at this range, your bolt wouldn't even penetrate my armor. Relax, I'm not going to attack you.

Ander waits patiently for the other guard to arrive, following him quietly when he returns. Old habits reassert themselves as he walks through the camp, and he can't help but find himself mentally appraising it. He pays attention to how the tents are set up, the disposition and make-up of the soldiers, and any defenses the camp may have. Hopefully he'd be able to pick up on some clues as to just what kind of army Karth had assembled, and maybe some clues as to the personality of Karth himself.

Ander is interrupted, however, as a strong sense of evil washes over him. What the...? Melcara? He wonders, noting the tent the woman ducked into for further investigation. For the rest of his journey, Ander actively scans the camp for other signs of evil and for any trace of Melcara or Peeping Tom.

Karth Chemonte, it's a pleasure to finally meet you. Ander says, finally arriving at Karth's tent. A bottle of wine sounds lovely, and I also have many things to discuss with you. He follows Karth into the tent and takes whichever seat happens to be offer him. He sips his wine slowly, savoring the flavor and letting it run over his tongue and into every nook and cranny of his mouth. Now that is an amazing Donovale, Karth. You must have a knack for choosing wine. Now, why is it that you wanted to speak with me?