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This is a quote from a powergamer in a game I was running. "I'm not here to roleplay, I'm here to roll dice!"

Making a robot is a mechanical issue. It totally interacts with roleplay and storytelling.
Sounds like an interesting character. Very focused on his objective, and passionate about it. Not very good at social skills - probably roleplays his CHA stat quite well (unlike me, when I used it as a dump stat mumble years ago when I last played D&D). Given that powergamers are usually mages, this describes V fairly closely (though V did have the whole family background story that a typical powergamer wouldn't), and also sounds quite similar to the way Miko acted, if we imagined a powergamer paladin (have you even seen a powergamer admit he was wrong?). Both characters that make for interesting stories.

Of course, if everyone is powergaming, you're playing a tactical simulation not an RPG at that point (almost as if you'd want a product from the Tactical Simluation Rules company ), but even then you can get amazing war stories even if most of the gaming is a bit trite.

As long as you don't let the powergamers actively destroy the rolepplaying, nor let the roleplayers actively sabotage the powergamers, you should have no problem running an interesting game. Both types of players need to give attention to actually advancing the plot, however. The only really dull games I've been in have been where the roleplaying diverted into in-game shopping trips (not even for equipment, just for fluff), or powergaming into out-of-game logistics ("no, I insist on spending those skill points now"), instead of actual adventuring.