Hans von Ravenstein
Hans gazed at his limbs in surprise as they seperated themselves from the earth. In all his life Hans had never felt this light. Normally he could barely manage jumping...
He quite liked it, but wasn't about to get distracted.

"I'm still not entirely convinced. Necromancy isn't such a bad thing, and building in a graveyard is slightly illegal, but no more than that. Let's not judge this guy on what he looks like..."

"Warf!" Scruff said, and Hans gently patted the dog on his head to calm him. This whole flying thing was stressing his pet out.

"Hmmmm, and why are we letting the girl live? She attacked us, and shows no regret. She doesn't even intend to help... I think she has served her purpose. If we're to clean up the world, why not start here?"

Hans stayed quiet for some time as Umber fed the girl. He remembered his master's interest in vampire blood and noted that if he procured some he may yet use it to bring the master back. There was that, and about a dozen other options. Despite his slow exterior, his mind was racing.

"In any case, I approve of talking to Kartul first. We can see where to go from there"

Hans took flight to where the others assumed Kartul was.