Umber looked around, weighing his options carefully. He doubted he'd get a better chance than this to speak with Kartul - even if it was on Kartul's terms. He gave Bran and Ross a smile, his eyes knowing.

"I think this is as close as you all will be able to get without considerable difficulty. I think it's time I had a joyous reunion with my old compatriot. I hope to be back soon, but if I'm not..." He shrugged, as if it didn't matter. "Perhaps I'm a fool for it, but I trust you'll be able to handle yourselves. Ross, take care of Bran - and Bran, take care of Ross." he said, his smile widening into a grin as he gave the both of them a wink.

Then, mustering all the style and panache he could - and it was a considerable amount - he brushed a bit of dust off his clothing and offered Mellita his arm in courtly fashion. Smiling at her, he inclined his head. "Shall we go, my dear?" he asked, motioning with a sweep of his arm towards the balcony and beginning to float forwards at a stately pace. "I'd hate to disappoint an old friend."