Yes Latooni is awesome. I'm currently on the mission to raid the DC base (the one where Rai's brother is in the 3rd super battleship, the one who's drill is a drill that will pierce your carrier!! (not points for knowing the reference in this thread)) and I have her in the Huckebein (I think that's right, the green one Irm used before he got his 3-form super) and she is a monster. I also really liked the mission where her big-sister character (forget her name, the one who keeps the black fighter pilot on a leash all the time) does her makeup and then Lat has to go out to fight and everyone freaks out because they didn't know she was that cute. It's a nice change of pace from the long string of boob jokes and not-so-subtle innuendo that made up the dialogue in SRT OGS: Endless Frontier.