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Garfield isn't a webcomic; it gets printed in newspapers. That being said, some of the mini-stories aren't bad. It just that the majority of them are so repetative.

Re: Michael Jackson. Never listened to his music, really only noticed him when something showed up in the news.
Garfield was good. Once upon a time. No longer.
Hardly any comic strips are any good anymore, except Marmaduke (somewhat, though I haven't read it in ages 'cause we get the wrong newspaper), Pearls Before Swine, Get Fuzzy, Dilbert, Foxtrot (though really it kinda sucks since it stopped doing dailies), Classic Peanuts (honestly, though, they need to get rid of it, Charles is dead), Cul de Sac (only barely, though), Non Sequitar, Doonesbury, Bizarro, Pickles, Elderberries, Adam's Apples, and Adam @ Home.
Okay, that seems long, but compare it with all the comic strips in the paper. In The Oregonian, that's a pretty small number.