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    Default Turn Back The Clock IV: Seireitei, 1000 years ago. [BleachitP]

    ((This is, quite obviously, 1000 years ago. It's mostly intended for Liz, Daisuke, Giriko, and Aiko, but if anyone wants to act out a Captain, Vice-Captain, Squad Member, or anything else appropriate, it's completely fine. Just keep in mind they're either dead or not around in the present. And post what your position is, if you're not one of the aforementioned people.

    For the sake of characterization, things are mostly peaceful around this time in the Seireitei. There are rumors of a group of Adjuchas-level Hollows prowling around the Mortal world, but they haven't done more than consume a few Mortals along with their main course of Hollows.

    And now, Opening Music.))

    A younger, more peaceful Seireitei... Long before the war of the present. A millenia hides the secret of this time long ago from all but the oldest surviving Captains of the current Gotei 13.
    However, there is always conflict. Politics raged as the war of this past Soul Society, the Nobles displacent and feeling a need to pull the strings to get things just as they wanted.

    Truly it was this thing, above all else, that Captain of the 4th Squad Elizabeth Rosemarie disliked the most... However, her loyalty to the Seireitei, as well as her desire to help people, left her hands tied. To make a proposal for one thing, another had to be given up. "Budgetary issues", they said. This was supposed to be equivalent to Heaven... and yet, people in Rukon were poor, and some miserable...
    The Young Lady, of a mere 300 years old, wore the traditional garb of a Captain, with a rose pinned to her Haori, and her hair tied with two braids to the sides of her face as the rest hung behind her back.
    Elizabeth sighed as she overlooked the Soul Society from a catwalk high up in the 4th division Headquarters. Below, her... "children", if you would, were working hard to help the sick and wounded. She was usually tied up with beauracracy and paperwork, giving her almost no time to see the people she cared for most...

    Frigga, the zanpaktou by her side, spoke up.

    Why not just go anyway? Who cares what the Nobles think...

    I wish that were an option... I would do no good whatsoever if I were fired.

    Hmph, you're not getting any younger, you know. The days were easier when you were just a Lieutenant.

    I know... It may be painful for me, but I have to endure for the greater good.

    Liz sighs again, and enters her office, sitting down to finish the paperwork so she might actually have a shot at seeing the outside world. A vase of roses pokes out from behind the mountain of papers, giving her a smile and motivation to complete the arduous task.
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