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    Update 13

    Chelonie (Happy)

    Astir came to GLoG and tried to kill her, somehow blaming her for Reinholdt's death even though neither she nor her clone ever even attempted to attack him. Maybe he heard about Reinholdt killing Chelonie (the clone) and got it backwards.

    Her spirit escaped her body a while and merged with the GLoG systems, allowing her much more power in controlling events psychically, but causing her body to die from neglect. The Shadow of Chelonie is a much darker version of herself, having absorbed the security systems programming of 'protecting members' and taking it to an extreme.

    She spent so much time trying to convince Lex to renounce Astir that her body was weakened severely and she's comatose. This situation is likely to continue until her player gets some RL stuff worked out.

    Peter Raven

    Peter is a very confused shapeshifter right now, having been killed by Reinholdt in the MagCave and then revived by Epoch as an undead. He knows he is dead, and has the hole in his head to prove it, but doesn't know how he is still alive.

    Still under the effects of Cupid's Arrow, Peter feels genuinely protective of the clone cat, while still wanting to kill him.

    It's just all very confusing.


    Sent her champions in after Astir since she was somehow barred from going in herself.
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