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    Default Re: The Narrow Bridge (3.5 undeath themed ToB discipline)

    Quote Originally Posted by Iferus View Post
    How does one gain these maneuvres? Is it all available to any martial character? This discipline requires a feat to enter- perhaps something for you to consider?
    Possibly. I know that one common method people use when they let a martial adept take a different discipline is just swap it out for one of the disciplines they would have normally. However the truth is that there's nothing unbalanced with just letting them take additional disciplines as they please. In fact, a character who takes maneuvers from a wide variety of disciplines will actually generally be slightly weaker than a character who focuses on a few. This is because the character will have difficulty qualifying for that many high level maneuvers.

    In any event, if one is using a non-standard discipline one should presumably also have some sort of RP explanation for where one picked it up from.

    What I'd really like is some feedback on the power level. I'm not sure if this is overpowered, underpowered or just right.
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